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Here are the Top 10 Ideas for UK Glamping Accommodation Holidays.

American Bus Glamping

A popular holiday accommodation for 2023 is a converted school bus offering real comfort and fun for the best glamping holidays.


The best school bus conversions are US school buses or skoolie and there a number of different types available for glamping so here are the most popular as voted in the uk travel awards;


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  1. converted bus

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  1. johnny vegas glamping

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  3. johnny vegas school bus



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  1. stay in a bus

  2. stay in a skoolie

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  4. Stay in a converted bus

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  7. Stay in a converted US school bus

  8. Stay in a US school bus conversion


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Where would you choose to stay in a school glamping bus? Here are the top ideas for UK glamping accommodation holidays and weekend breaks - you will find lots of perfect skoolie glamping locations;


  • American bus Suffolk

  • American bus Kent

  • American bus Isle of Wight

  • American bus Sussex

  • American bus Dorset

  • American bus Cornwall

  • American bus Devon

  • American bus Somerset

  • American bus Wales

  • Glamping bus Suffolk

  • Glamping bus Kent

  • Glamping bus Isle of Wight

  • Glamping bus Sussex

  • Glamping bus Dorset

  • Glamping bus Cornwall

  • Glamping bus Devon

  • Glamping bus Somerset

  • Glamping bus Wales


  • Glamping in Suffolk

  • Glamping in Kent

  • Glamping on the Isle of Wight

  • Glamping in Sussex

  • Glamping in Dorset

  • Glamping in Cornwall

  • Glamping in Devon

  • Glamping in Somerset

  • Glamping in Wales


  1. Luxury glamping in Suffolk

  2. Luxury glamping in Kent

  3. Luxury glamping on the Isle of Wight

  4. Luxury glamping in Sussex

  5. Luxury glamping in Dorset

  6. Luxury glamping in Cornwall

  7. Luxury glamping in Devon

  8. Luxury glamping in Somerset

  9. Luxury glamping in Wales

  10. Quirky places to stay in Suffolk

  11. Quirky places to stay in Kent

  12. Quirky places to stay on the Isle of Wight

  13. Quirky places to stay in Sussex

  14. Quirky places to stay in Dorset

  15. Quirky places to stay in Cornwall

  16. Quirky places to stay in Devon

  17. Quirky places to stay in Somerset

  18. Quirky places to stay in Wales


  1. School Bus Glamping Suffolk

  2. School Bus Glamping Kent

  3. School Bus Glamping Isle of Wight

  4. School Bus Glamping Sussex

  5. School Bus Glamping Dorset

  6. School Bus Glamping Cornwall

  7. School Bus Glamping Devon

  8. School Bus Glamping Somerset

  9. School Bus Glamping Wales

  10. Skoolie bus Suffolk

  11. Skoolie bus Kent

  12. Skoolie Bus Isle of Wight

  13. Skoolie bus Sussex

  14. Skoolie bus Dorset

  15. Skoolie bus Cornwall

  16. Skoolie bus Devon

  17. Skoolie bus Somerset

  18. Skoolie bus Wales

  19. Skoolie stays Suffolk

  20. Skoolie stays Kent

  21. Skoolie stays Isle of Wight

  22. Skoolie stays Sussex

  23. Skoolie stays Dorset

  24. Skoolie stays Cornwall

  25. Skoolie stays Devon

  26. Skoolie stays Somerset

  27. Skoolie stays Wales

  28. Skoolie Suffolk

  29. Skoolie Kent

  30. Skoolie Isle of Wight

  31. Skoolie Sussex

  32. Skoolie Dorset

  33. Skoolie Cornwall

  34. Skoolie Devon

  35. Skoolie Somerset

  36. Skoolie Wales


  1. Top 10 Glamping Suffolk

  2. Top 10 Glamping Kent

  3. Top 10 Glamping Isle of Wight

  4. Top 10 Glamping Sussex

  5. Top 10 Glamping Dorset

  6. Top 10 Glamping Cornwall

  7. Top 10 Glamping Devon

  8. Top 10 Glamping Somerset

  9. VIII.Top 10 Glamping Wales



Quite a list! Where will YOU chose? Let us know so vote now!


Your votes count so we can recommend glamping to others.


Thank you for your vote!

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