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Into the Wild American School Bus

Old American School Bus


The UK Camping and Glamping industry has seen a huge shift towards high quality glamping accommodation being chosen by those looking for the best glamping experience rather than traditional camping yurts, quirky lodges or campervans.


The programme on Channel Four about Johnny Vegas’s converted american school bus showed just how the best camping holidays in the UK are luxury converted american school buses for glamping in Suffolk and Somerset - although you'll find the best glamping on an American School Bus Glamping bus.


Other campsites offer american yellow bus accommodation for bus glamping holidays in Suffolk and skoolie bus stays are available to book in Sussex. So wherever you book your fun camping with children or family glamping, check availability for a skoolie conversion in Kent and a school bus conversion in Dorset.


Enjoy family camping and children’s adventure holidays at Church View Campsite next to Suffolk Academy. There you can stay in an american school bus, fully converted to accommodate both adults and children in style and comfort. Kids will love the bunk beds in the big yellow bus! Couples and families can now book a great stay in a U.S. Skoolie conversion all over the UK!


Further family camping ideas for children’s adventure holidays can be found at Petruth Paddocks in Somerset. You'll find the best american school bus conversion there, for the best accommodation for adults and kids. Book a family break in a U.S. School bus conversion now!

We imported U.S. school buses from Texas - and are now building the best school buses to stay in and when finished we will offer the best bus stays - just search ' top 10 glamping ' and you’ll find the perfect converted glamping bus holiday for adults and families alike.


American School Buses have appeared in many movies and here you can see a selection where the Bus is the Star, or at least as an extra - but hey - it's the movies, Baby!

An 80’s classic. Principal Ed Rooney tries to thwart Ferris Bueller’s attempt to play hooky. After countless mishaps, Principal Rooney faces a final disgrace as he is picked up while wandering the neighbourhood by a School Bus filled with students...

Remember the Titans portrays a sports team facing internal racial tensions and external mockery to become champions. One of the most inspiring moments of the film occurs on the School Bus ride to camp, as Denzel Washington makes it clear he won’t let superficial differences separate his team...

Another American classic for its depiction of important periods of U.S. history, an important stage in Forrest’s life is the bus ride on his first day of school. Through flashbacks, we see him meet his School Bus driver and struggle to find a seat on the bus. Jenny shows Forrest some kindness, inviting him to sit next to her, and they strike up a conversation, which he says leads to them being “always together. Jenny and me was like peas and carrots.”

Arguably the most popular Batman movie in history starts with this unforgettable scene where The Caped Crusader’s best-known villain uses a School Bus as his escape vehicle after a heist.

It wasn't a film, but this children’s television show was a hit in the U.S, Canada and eventually UKs' Channel 4. Starring Ms. Frizzle and her incredible skoolie bus, it showed children that learning can be exciting and adventurous. We don't remember it ourselves - we were too busy watching Magic Roundabout...

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