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Stay in an American School Glamping Bus!

Why stay in your Nan's stuck-in-the-1970s mouldy Caravan, an ex Post Office robbery Transit Van with a moody mattress, or a leaky tent missing a pole? Seriously - lets ramp things up! 

Our American School Buses are GORGEOUS!


This isn't a basic bring-your-own-bedding time away from home, this is SO COOL! Our Icons are all full size - each carried seventy school-kids, so they offer plenty of space. Our genuine American School Buses were converted with love and passion providing a fabulous and magical fun experience for all who stay. We transformed each one with thought and style for luxury high-end glamping for couples, families and friends.

They're Great for Kids...


We were all kids once. Twice in my case - but anyway, remember when you were a kid? Given the choice, if you were able to choose to holiday in a tent, a hut or a big yellow bus, what would you have chosen? Exactly - and our fabulous American School Buses appeal to children of all ages. Families will enjoy a fantastic and fun experience, memories will be made, pictures shared, friends told. 

...and Great for Big Kids!


Warm, comfy, funky. All you need for a great stay. Cook up a storm, mix a Mojito, enjoy a chilled Brewdog or Vouvray, BBQ like a legend, glam right up, dress for the beach, sleep like a sleepy thing. Do what you like, how you like, when you like. Do it to Neil Diamond, Neil Young, some chilled Hotel Costes or even the Benny Hill theme - we won’t judge!*              *Yes, we will...

  The Original     School Bus     Glamping UK!

Best Bus Glamping UK
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