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Introducing LONG BEACH & TEXAS! We love our American School Buses. Peek inside and see how we have created beautiful spaces to have fun & relax in.

Our Glamping Buses have absolute comfort, true authenticity and a gorgeous funky style with all the stuff you need and more to make your american school glamping bus stay utterly fabulous.



We love a proper kitchen, so we put a really good one in. 


✪ Really good gas oven and grill 

✪ Gas hob  

✪ Freezer for your G&T ice  

✪ Cool Fridge for your Bubbles  

✪ Big sink for wishy washy splishy sploshy bubbles  

✪ Lots of storage and surface space  

✪ All the tools you need to create a gastronomic extravaganza



There’s a proper dining table inside and outside, with quality plates and spoons and stuff from Gordon Ramsay and Villeroy & Boch - and room for plenty of elbows.



Books, games, updating your Insta, a glass or seven of Chateau Fallover, the perfect G&T - whatever your chill is, get comfy and gaze at the view through all those panoramic windows. Open the doors and windows and enjoy the breeze. Bring a speaker and drift where your sounds take you…or be twelve again, sitting in the driver's seat making bus noises with all the original buttons and stuff around you.


During cooler months you can enjoy the underfloor heating and why not fire up the eco-burn woodstove for toasty toes, curling up with soft cushions and cosy throws. 



Sleep well, sleep happy, sleep in comfort. To the rear is a king-sized bed with views on three sides and an electric blanket! There are two further full-size single beds - all with John Lewis mattresses, hotel-grade pillows, Egyptian cotton sheets and duck down duvets. A lovely sofabed will sleep two more in the same comfort. There’s lots of storage for all your socks and stuff. 



A proper hot drenching in the coolest shower you've ever seen. And there's fluffy towels. Long Beach has a proper flushing loo. Sublime...



There’s lovely lighting inside and out, curtains all round for privacy, you can charge your stuff at the many leccy plugs - and there's a plug actually near an illuminated mirror for your hur-curly-dryer things! We’ve got this ladies, you can relax... 



You can also chill or whoop it up at the garden table - gazing at sunrises and sunsets and a billion stars, or at the mesmerising Fire-Pit with a hot tea or cool beer, and BBQ like a legend. 

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