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enjoying the best glamping in the uk


A fun guide to Top 10 Glamping

Whatever you call it, it's the best fun, and here's our buy-none, get-one-free guide to enjoying the Best School Bus Glamping...

Activities - Surfing, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Archery, Horsey-Stuff, Boaty-Stuff...Do it!

BBQ - Meaty, Fishy, Veggie, Vegan-y (?), whatever your flavour, do it well! (No McD rubbish allowed)

Campfire - Better than any TV. Best enjoyed with friends, family, a cool beer, just as you like it...

Day Trips - Explore the best of your surroundings - it's a beautiful World.

Experiences - are what make us, maybe even define us. Embrace all that you can.

Fun - We all want it, so just have it!

Glamping - 'Glamorous Camping' - and here you’ll find the best glamping available.

Happy - Happy people are scientifically proven* to be completely gorgeous 24/7               (*probably)

Insects - Yeah we know, but part of the holiday deal and vital for a healthy ecosystem. It’s a bugs life.

Joy - The perfect description of seeing the smiles, hearing the laughter, and time well spent.

Kayak - Hire one and drift downriver, or maybe along a stretch of our beautiful coastline.

Laughter - The best medicine, bar none. Even some Dad-Jokes can be funny. 

Memories - Made right here, kept forever.

Nature - Be in it, respect it, love it.

Outdoors - The best room in the house.

Playing - Not just for kids...

Quirky - Yup - this is Quirky Camping indeed!

Relax - Remember to do that too, you’ve earned it.

Skoolie - An americanism for School Bus.

Time - You can't buy it, but you can spend it. Never waste it. 

Unique - Our American School Buses are just that. Please come and stay!

Va-Va-Voom - Lashings of Glam, Decadence, Funk and a loving spoonful of Lunacy.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Xinomizithra - The best feta cheese you will ever taste (Yup - 'X' was a challenge!);

Yellow - We kept the original look of our School Buses, because we love them as they are.

Zen - Calmness and tranquility - oh yes...

Best Bus Glamping UK
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