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Glamping - the perfect blend of Glamorous and Camping. 

You can book an american bus for a bus holiday in the south of england although you can find boutique bus accomodation all around around the UK. Old buses make a great camp bus, just like a bus hotel!

An off grid school bus using a real skoolie living bus offers a really great Isle of Wight glamping holiday - and a converted school bus with beds means you can stay on a bus in devon too!

So where is the best bus glamping found? Well Johnny Vegas has his converted bus at the Johnny Vegas glamping site, and there are many bus conversions to stay in the UK. Each time we carried out a bus conversion we ensured the best way to book a school bus stay was to have a converted skoolie available to book in Somerset and another glamping bus on the Isle of Wight.

There are dates for booking a school bus for glamping stays on the Isle of Wight and availability in Somerset, and it's easy to book boutique glamping stays by the coast.

Welcome to your bus home on the Isle of Wight. Of course - you can look for a skoolie bus for sale in the UK or an american school bus conversion for sale to make your own bus home.

Skoolies are a leap up from a yurt on a farm stay with a hot tub or a glamping lodge or even a shepherd hut to rent. If you are looking for glamping pods or wigwam tents - also known as bell tent to hire - then always consider the best boutique camping is a school bus. You'll find the best bus glamping on the Isle of Wight and Somerset.

A google search will help you find lots of bus conversion ideas and school bus pictures in the UK. This way you can choose just how to convert a bus with your own style.

Next time you wish to find boutique school bus stays near me, remember to choose luxury boutique glamping! Further reference reading can be found here and good glamping information is available here.

So what do you wear for glamping? You could start by looking here.

Etsy also have a range of fun glamping wear and you can find this here.



A guide to camping and glamping etiquette

Campsite rules

Most campsites have rules which are in the main plain common sense. When bus glamping you will want to fit in with other people - the best thing about glamping in a school bus is finding a like-minded community and meeting new campers. Always behave so that you don't disturb other people on the campsite. Ensure you have minimal impact on the environment. 

Camping etiquette

Be nice, be sociable to other campers. They can offer good camping advice. Staying in a glamping bus is often all about having peace and quiet rather than having a party.

Be quiet please!

A glamping bus is better insulated for noise than a tent so try to be nice and quiet especially late at night. When playing good campsite music be aware of people sleeping around you.

Holidays are all about fun. Children love camping and running around and campsites are for everyone to enjoy so keep noise to a minimum. Some campsites are good for parties.


Camp away from your neighbours: don't obscure lovely campsite views or sea view.

Pitches are allocated at peak season and some glamping campsites allow a pitch up wherever you like. 

Clean and tidy glamping

Campsites have lovely facilities - washing up your dishes, luxury toilets and showers. Clean glamping facilities allow the best camping experiences.

Glamping with children

When glamping with kids they love to play and explore the campsite and there are often lovely play areas.

Camping with dogs

When taking dogs on a campsite you must clean up after them. 

Leave no trace

The Leave No Trace idea ensures your environmental impact is as little as possible.

  • Dispose of your waste rubbish

  • Campfires can have an impact

  • Respect all nature and wildlife

Whether you are camping on a campsite or glamping in an american school bus, always employ good ethics and respect.

Fun for all campers

Glamping is the best fun, especially in a school bus and by a healthy respect of nature, the environment, other campers on the campsite, you will have a great glamping experience in a bus. Most of all - be sure to enjoy your school bus holidays.

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