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Converted American School Bus Glamping UK

Stay in a Converted American School Bus!

American School Bus Glamping - the UK's Original!

Accommodation Hire option for glastonbury 2024

        Here's a Who Why What When How guide to the Best Glamping in the UK! 

Stay in our Beautifully Converted American School Buses!

The American School Bus. It’s big, and it’s Yellow - and the best fun to stay in!

We'd love you to welcome you in a genuine American School Bus at our really beautiful locations in Somerset and Woolacombe, Devon!


Our fabulously converted School Buses offer wonderful glamping holidays with the perfect mix of exceptional comfort and iconic style, lots of fun, and yes - they are a bit bonkers...

Known as 'Skoolies' by every kid across America, our converted buses offer plenty of space and classic looks to provide the best bus glamping experience in the UK!

Why stay in your Nan's stuck-in-the-1970s mouldy Caravan, or an ex Post Office robbery Transit Van with a questionable mattress, or a leaky tent? Seriously - lets ramp things up! 

This isn't a basic bring-your-own-bedding camping - this is SO COOL! Our Icons carried seventy school-kids so they offer plenty of space. Our genuine American School Buses were converted with love and passion providing a fabulous and magical fun experience for all who stay. We transformed each one with thought and style for the best bus glamping for couples, families and friends.

They're Great for Kids...


We were all kids once. Twice in my case - but anyway, remember when you were a kid? Given the choice, if you were able to choose to holiday in a tent, a damp shed or a big yellow bus, what would you have chosen? Exactly - and our fabulous American School Buses appeal to children of all ages. Families will enjoy a fantastic and fun experience, memories will be made, pictures shared, friends told. 

...and Great for Big Kids!


Warm, comfy, funky. All you need for a great stay. Cook up a storm, mix a Mojito, enjoy a chilled Brewdog or Vouvray, BBQ like a legend, glam right up, dress for the beach, sleep like a sleepy thing. Do what you like, how you like, when you like. Do it to Neil Diamond, Neil Young, some chilled Hotel Costes or even the Benny Hill theme - we won’t judge!*              *we will though...

We love them - and are sure you will too! See them here!

Love a good  Campfire? Yeah so do we! Here's how to build the best Campfire ever! 

American School Bus Glamping Isle of Wight .2.jpg

How Cool is This?

School Bus Glamping UK
Best School Bus Conversion for glamping stays in the UK

"We had a fantastic time staying on ‘Texas’! 

It’s so well decked out and really comfortable to sleep in."

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